Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bikram Yoga.

I started the super hot yoga today. It was disgustiiiing. My shoulders are in bits, I'm tired but feel class and stoked on the world.

Fucking check this lad out. I'll be able to do that in 4 weeks, no problem.

I'm also planning on going back to horse riding this week. Posi plans FTW :)

I'm considering staying longer in Thailand. Everyone I've spoken to has said a month isn't long enough. Plus, if we go for longer we'll be able to go see my Famfam in Borneo and Laura's friend Aoife in Singapore. Maybe hit up Vietnam and Cambodia too. But we'll see how the money situation is doing in the next few weeks before any decisions are made. I really want to go to Ieperfest but that again will depend on money and whether I'm home from Thailand by then. It's all a bit up in the air.

I thought I only had to get one injection for going away, as I thought the ones I got for other trips would have lasted, but no, I have to get 8. Downer on that. The Malaria tablets are so lame too, they make me feel so sick. But better than getting Malaria I suppose.


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